Zend SUCKS!!!!!

Zend optimizer and all like it SUCK BIG TIME!!!!!!

Why script writers even bother using Zend is beyond me, it’s been proven that it can be decompiled just check google and see for yourself. If they don’t want their precious scripts ripped off then don’t release them to the general public – it’s that simple.

Zend are like Microsoft, it seems like they have their heads in the sand and are hoping that the decompilers will go away – but they won’t and with each successive release of their compiler, some clever bastard will work out how to get around it.

So why am I bitching?? Well I bought a script that is Zend compiled and my host is obviously having a problem as I can’t do didly with it until they sort the problem out and after three hours I’m still waiting. The script author has taken to not responding to emails now as well.

IMHO scrap Zend and release scripts as normal everyday php, to people who are willing to pay a little extra which most would if the script is decent – like I said, if ya that paranoid about losing your precious script DON’T RELEASE IT.