I’ve not been looking that hard, but when I did look I never found one so I made one.

What the hell am I rambling on about? A desktop picture of one of if not THE best looking woman (and a brilliant journalist to boot) in Australia, Tracy Grimshaw off Channel Nine’s A.C.A.

Most fella’s would prob have Carmen Electra or some Hollywood starlet, but none compare to Tracy, some of us have class and can see passed the botox (no I’m not saying the afore mentioned Ms Electra uses botox) and bucket loadsa makeup – Tracy needs none of that, a natural glamour is she!!

Below is a screen cap of the d-top, sucked in though I shrank it big time – if I’ve got to muck about with Alien Skin’s Blow Up then so can you mwooohahahahaha.

Tracy Grimshaw