What is it with these morons that have to drive up and down your street with their car stereo’s at full blast and all you can hear is ”boom boom boom” Where’s the bloody music?

You can’t call that crap music, it’s nothing but mindless drivel for the masses of mindless cretins that pass for youth these days. Granted there are some who listen to REAL MUSIC, what’s been disgustingly tagged ”classic rock” by the media, damn I even know of some that listen to Michael Buble. Can someone please explain to me what it is with this boom boom rubbish?
Can someone please explain to me how a DJ can be classed as a musician <- that one I find hysterical.
What ever happened to all the time changes or music that made you think. What ever happened to the likes of E.L.P. or King Crimson, geez even Mussorgksy (yeh I know that’s def pre-classic rock). It seems to fit in, you must be willing to wear a neck full of gold chains, hands full of gold rings, drive a bloody Cadillac with a dozen women in various states of undress in the back and spend the best part of your time talking (and I use THAT term loosely) in some incoherent babble that no-one can understand unless they’re dressed and act the same.
Okay that maybe sounding a touch over the top but I blame TV for killing music, REAL MUSIC. Now there’s a thought, The Buggles were right – Video DID Kill The Radio Star.

I was wandering the TV today looking for something to interest me on a lazy Sunday and if it wasn’t golf or the Olympics it was MTV and more of that boom boom crap – I might email my cable carrier and ask if they’ve got copies of the old Midnight Special or In Concert series locked away in a vault somewhere for us that want to watch REAL MUSO’S.

Anyway, don’t forget to buy my book 😉