What A Day

It starts off fairly decent, bitta fog n cool, then all of a sudden in comes the humidity – was so thick you could all but suck it through a straw grrrrrrrr. Oh well it’s raining (sorta) now and they’ve predicted storms so we can only hope. I personally am really starting to get well peeved at the political crap that’s filling the mailbox and TV of late, the worst I’ve seen (so far) was from Fred Nile, talk about stirring shit!! Ok, every one has the right to free speech but all he is doing is pandering to his targets, giving them something else to bitch and complain about as a minority – he won’t achieve anything by using the wording he’s used except alienating a large number of voters in this weekends state elections. Personally I’m bloody surprised he got away with what he did. I’m not going to repeat it, if you want to read it you can google his name.

Anyhoo, that’s my rant for the day I’m off to suss eBay and see what over inflated priced items are sucking people in.