Well this afternoon was fun

A fella who got the outline for a tribal sleeve dropped in a good few weeks back and asked if I could fix it seein as the boofhead that did it originally made a right balls up of it. He just wanted black but after a bitta yakkin he decided on blue tips with green.

The only problem is as you can see in the photo, the upper part of the arm needs work as the dipstick that did it confused his lines (you can’t see that) and an inner section that is sposed to be colour runs in to an open area that then becomes a coloured area so it’s going to be fun sorting that out. He also left a bloody big hole so Mark, the owner of the arm asked if I could stick a clown in it which I duly did 🙂 It’s getting there, I’ll be glad when it’s done (all colour and re-lined) and healed so you can see how bright the green is, it makes the bloody clown pop. A mate of his (Matt) is another full tribal arm I have to do, all black with grey wash seperators – geez I hate tribal…..

Work In Progress
Work In Progress

As soon as all the colour’s finished he wants it re-lined, which don’t stress me too much seein as I missed a bit on the clowns hair *eek* – not bad for someone who gave up tattoin’ on a full time basis some twenty years ago 😉