Well There’s A Few More

Added a few more photos to the gallery, one’s I’d found hiding in a folder on the ‘F’ drive. Anyway, what happened today? Well I managed to finish Dylan’s bike and started to weld up the few rust spots on the Rodeo. . . Personally I shouldn’t attempt to weld car steel, I tend to make the holes bigger but I spose I gotta learn, I did manage to get some nice welds on the windscreen pillar from where I ripped the aerial off – I bloody hate them aerials.

What else – oh cleaned me shed and got a fright when ‘er indoors was feedin the birds in the aviaries – she’s like ooh expletive the birds got out (rainbow lorikeets) so I jog out to have a look n all it was, was three natives hangin round the aviary, all ours were counted for BUT about arf hour later she says one of the Kakariki got out which it had the bugger.

Took like an hour of coaxing to get the sod back in the aviary but he won’t leave coz the hen was still in there. we ended up partitioning the aviary and left the door open and he flew in, dozy sod.

Apart from that, we’ve got a touch of rain here and it’s cooler which is good and on that note I’m off to play the HexBox