Well I got them right :)

Spain over olympic diver Ronaldo and his motley crew, followed up by a rather lack-lustre win over Paraguay who I might add can go home with their heads held high, a damn sight higher than brazil after the Netherlands beat ’em brooohahaha.
I was pretty sure that Germany was going to beat the argies but not by 4 goals, geez what are the Germans trying to achieve, the record for most goals scored in a tournament 🙂

The “back hand from God” goes to uruGAY though, the tool who handled the ball and stopped the Ghana goal got sent off which means nothing IMHO – what should happen in instances like that is the goal should stand plus the player should be sent off. There is too much in the way of diving and professional fouls in the games today, it’s time FIFA and the football leagues look at a video ref. What’s worse. Adding a minute of extra time because a diver rolls around the pitch in mock agony, or 20 seconds while the video ref views the tape, makes the decision and the diver gets booked for being a plank???

Anyhoo La Furia Roja play the Germans next. This will be their toughest match yet and I just get the feeling it’s gunna go to penalties – another thing I hate about todays game. Bring back the golden goal!!!! Oh n the Netherlands have uruGAY – so the orange army will be first in to the WC finals!!