Two Months (Close Enough To) – Sheesh

Yep been a slack bastard, two months since the last update – oh well I suppose it just gives me s**t-loads to yak about!! So what has happened since I last sat here dribblin’ shite?

Apart from the usual crappy weather (HOT) sod all really, I have done the following of late although they’re not in any particular order.
Airbrushed a pic of Cardiff Castle, also did a flamed skull for Grandson number 1 umm I’ve done a few tatts, one day I’ll remember to take photo’s *shrug*. Been playin the Hex Box of late, too friggin ‘ot to bother wanderin outside, even the dark is ‘ot – I’m really thinkin of headin back home coz this is gettin beyond a joke now (the heat that is).

Like I”m sittin ‘ere at 7:30pm, the sun’s on its way down, sending its pink and orange tentacles reaching out for the stars, the blinds are shut, the ceiling fan is circulating the dust that settles on it and I’m still sweatin’ grrrrrrrrr f**k I’m a whinger today.
Might drag the laptop in the sittin’ room and add more to my collection of short stories – I digress, I was ravin on about what I’ve been doin.
I got the printer sorted after some hiccups so I can print stencils now, no more hand tracin’ – still haven’t got me arms tattooed yet, been too busy lookin for a shop somewhere in Wales. Virtually all the ones I’ve found are for rent, I wanna buy one with a residence above – it’ll save on havin to travel to work BAHAHAHAHA

Anyhoo that’s about it, I might see about updating this weekly and stop bein a slack bastard.