This World Cup Is One Of The Worst

Can’t be much simpler than the title, blatant un-challenged hand ball’s from Brazilian’s, some of the most appalling referring I’ve ever seen as far as decisive send offs etc etc. To be quite honest, I am so over the world cup now and I was really looking forward to it but there’s just been too many momentous cock-ups.

As far as I’m concerned, this is how it should be run; standard rules (obviously) but no ref’s from participating countries and give the captains of each team three opportunities per game to contest suspect issues and have a video ref decide on whether or not the field ref’s decision should be overturned on the spot. Brazil’s handball in todays game would have been disallowed, Kewell’s send off would have probably resulted in a card not a send off etc etc etc.

Time to get with the program FIFA – you’re starting to lose the REAL fan base. What would you prefer, them or the fans (and I use the word loosely) who spend their time pissed, throwing stuff and being generally abusive. Oh wait what am I saying. FIFA are only in it “for the money!!”

Oh and don’t get me started on them f***ing vuvuwhatsits – I’d rather hear the crowd chanting not some mass marketed annoyance.