These Things Happen

My eldest had her car lifted from her driveway (everyone has their suspicions as to who did it) last week, she got it back the other day minus the 19″ wheels and CD system. It’s weird how she didn’t hear them break in to it, did the tea leaf have a key? The coppers seem to think so. It’s gunna cost her to fix it coz the silly bugger didn’t have it insured – the following are a few pics of how she got it back and after it was finger-printed.

Dash or lack of another pic finger print dust

Anyway, on to something a little more pleasing – Wales’ 3-0 win over San Marino. From what I’ve read, David Cotterill had a blinder after coming on as a sub. He’s only got 7 caps from memory but it won’t be long before he’s a start player, not a sub – his two million quid transfer from Bristol to Wigan says he’s a player that has to be watched. Oh by the way David is my cousin 😉

Adios for now