The Internet, Web Sites and Boredom

I didn’t get my leg done, my back was givin’ me too much gyp so I just twisted myself into a maniacal pretzel shape and wandered the ‘net.

Now this is an observation of mine. You may or may not agree, personally I don’t give a shit either way, so here we go. . .

1) Myspace, what a bleedin nightmare that place is, it just seems so fulla wally’s hell bent on out-doing each other in the “My page is the most pathetic looking” stakes, that I got extra bored extra quick there.
2) My G-Kids are or were always ravin on about Bebo so that was next on the list and thankfully that X in the top right hand corner saved me from going completely nuts.
3) Hi5, yet another mindless mess of gibbering idiots that have absolutely no idea but think they’re cool because they talk in mini speak and have flashing icons everywhere *shudder*.
4) Facebook, the grown up version of Myspace, although it’s heading down the Mypsace/Hi5 road. To say it’s boring is a serious understatement, it seems like just about EVERY Social Networking site is geared toward those under 12, either in years or IQ. Facebook as a whole is better than the previous three but still BORING!!!!!!!!!
5) Miarroba claims to have over 12 million members, maybe it does but if you took out the ones that haven’t visited the place in months and by that I mean any period ranging from one month to eleven months (yes I saw someone who hadn’t signed in for 11 months) and all the bull shit ones who prefer to hide behind a picture of Tom Cruise or Celine Dion or some other famous actor/actress, musician etc, the membership would probably drop to a more realistic figure.
It’s odd there, either Tunisia has a population exceeding that of the whole of europe or when members sign up from lets say America, they put down Tunisia in the hope that none of their friends will find ’em – dickheads.

Anyway, if I get in the mood to wander more I might add others to this list, I’m not gunna bother with yahoo groups or the Microsoft and Google versions, I’m not that desperate.