New Toy LOL

After finally letting the XVS1100 go (what a sad day that was) I spent some time looking for something else and almost bought a 1996 Triumph Thunderbird for $4,000 – ALMOST 🙂 Mark (son-in-law) pointed me at a candy apple red 1988 XLH1200 for $5,000 but he was confident that he could get it for less and he did – he paid a pittance for it you could almost say he stole it LOL well the dude at MCAS said for the $3,700 he paid for it was like stealing it hehe.

It’s got a wide glide kit with 4″ ups that I’m pulling off and returning to stock, a fatbob tank, an S&S Shorty and was rebuilt a while back, the owner rode it till it ran out of rego then just parked it – bargain for me 😛

As you can plainly see, from foto three onwards is how it finally looks apart from the 2″ Ultima Drag Pipes 😛


Boredom again :P


Maybe I’ll stop painting the bike one day NOT!!
This version is Protec base black under SFX Blue Pearl in Protec Top Coat Clear. Next comes the flamenco dancer on the top of the tank and the word ‘Gitana’ on the sides – I’ve just got to decide what she’ll look like, which may well take me forever :P. You can also see the 4″ forward control extensions that make the ride sooooo much more comfy.

Either way, the airbrushing will be done with my trusty Iwata HP-C Plus with Iwata Medea Com-Art and Createx paints.

1999 XVS1100 Blue Pearl Over Black 1999 XVS1100 Blue Pearl Over Black


New Paint

Or part thereof 😉

Just started respraying the bike, it’s now a deep blue metallic with the beginnings of a Gitana/Flamenco dancer on the tank, with the Cross of Asturias (Cruz de la Victoria) on the rear guard. I knew it wouldn’t take long before I decided to change the old paint job 😛

Didn’t like it – starting again 2-1-11

Just gotta add the faces and a few tiny touchups and this is done.


Part 1 FIN YIPPEE - I can finally (well tomorra) get the XVS1100 back together again!!

1999 Yamaha XVS1100

1999 Yamaha XVS1100


Surprise Surprise – well I am at least. . .

It just struck me as I sit here listening to Diva (Chilean prog/rock/folk band), that I’ve now owned the XVS1100 for 18 months, painted it four times, swapped the bars around so many times I’ve lost count, put the sissy bar on, take the sissy bar off you get the drift 🙂

This is it in its current form, but thinking of NEW paint 😉

1999 xvs1100 custom



5 months since I last wrote on here tsk tsk tsk – might start using it more, that’s why it’s here. Below is the new look for the bike, I was bored 🙂 it’s yellow pearl over a custom green – the bars are Harley.

New Look


Another new toy

After much thunkin’ I opted to stick with the XVS series after selling the XVS650 and bought a 1999 XVS1100 with 39k on the dashboard – in short SHWEEEEEEEEET 🙂

All up it owes me $4,550, it goes like stink, stops on a two bob bit and sounds like a freight train but maybe that’s coz of the Dyna mufflers ;). Now that’s a cheap conversion for anyone with one of these – 50 bux for a pair of mufflers, 20 bux for head pipe sleeves and a couple of hours of mucking about to get things perfect – just remember to really tighten up the rear head pipe nice and tight. What I thought was tight wasn’t and when you rode it, it backfired when you changed gear which apart from scaring the crap outta me didn’t do anyone standing on the side of the road any favours either LOL – you can hear it in the video.

Anyhoo – here’s the piccy and a video.

1999 XVS 1100 VStar
1999 XVS 1100 VStar