Lay Your Weary Head (Old Soldier) Revisited

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Originally created to remind one and all of the 11th day of the 11th Month 2012, the poem was written in a matter of moments and is from the heart – I put no real thought in to it whatsoever.
Fast forward to April 2013 and I find myself revisiting ‘Lay Your Weary Head (Old Soldier)’ not to glam it up but to add, modify, enhance what was simply a poem to those that fought on all fronts in all wars.
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I’m not overly fussed if you like flamenco or not, I do and that’s all that matters to me!! This YouTube vid is Enrique Morente’s ‘Agnus Dei’ the bailador you hear around the 3:15 mark is Juan Ramirez, search for him on YouTube and be prepared for a serious treat.


People You Can’t Trust

I’m pretty sure we all know someone who deserves a cap or two in the back of the head, so with that this is for for that special someone who knows their arse is grass. . .