UBIWorldTV – You Suck

We had initially a STB from SelectTV so we could watch stuff from Chile and Spain, they (Select) start going under so they sold it on to UBIWorld who, after a little over a year shut up shop (voluntary administration) without a single shred of contact to its clients apart from a brief scrolling banner on a Greek channel, something we didn’t have.

Originally TARBS which went bankrupt, it was relaunched as UBIWorld by the TARBS owner’s wife (convenient) and that too has now gone by the wayside. If you are a foreign national but a proud Australian in Australia then you may as well forget seeing programs in your own language as the likes of Foxtel, Austar etc couldn’t give a flying fuck about you, you minority you. The likes of the UBIWorld type companies have no hope in surviving in a country that panders to the multi-nationals e.g. Foxtel as it’s not worth their while to invest in the infrastructure (oops that already exists – silly me). 

Oh well back to watching what one must laughingly call FTA TV pfft who gives a flying fuck about ‘the block’ or ‘the voice’ – not fuckin’ me that’s for sure, thankfully I have better things to do!!


The Joys Of Living In The Arse End Of The World

That being Australia, have you seriously tried to get overseas TV channels that actually work for greater than 10 minutes without crackin’ up or shittin’ itself completely??? If you can get TVChile and Chilevision in Australia and it’s NOT supplied bt UBIWorld TV, lemme know coz ever since they took over from Select TV the service has gone to shit – I’ll be fucked if I know why I actually still pay ’em, maybe it’s in the hope that they’ll sort their shit-house service out.