Been a While or a Bloody LONG Time – take your pick!

Decided to sell the matching numbers Tiger or Daytona or whatever the hell you want to call it, I call it the T100SR. The bike is as rare as rockin’ horse shit, feel free to Google search 1966 Triumph T100SR and see for yourself, there’s a few around but are mostly in bits and missing a lot and or not matching mumbers or need a lot of money spent on them to bring them up to the same specs as this one.
This one has had a rebuilt motor (sludge trap done) with new clutch hub (easier than trying to dismantle the hub to get the cush rubbers out), new wiring harness, 6V coils, Wassell electronic ignition, repainted with eye matched paint from the rear guard under the seat which is hidden from the weather, head pipes replaced, new rear shocks and front gaiters, replaced seat cover, white grips – the only year to come out with them, yada yada.
When it was done Dunlop K70’s weren’t available so I went with Metzeler Klassik’s but I’ve ordered a set of K70’s now so they should be fitted soon so if any one wants a pair of Metzeler’s with 4 miles on ’em lemme know. The clocks are Emgo’s because when I got the bike the speedo glass was cracked and the tacho didn’t work, which turned out to be the thimble hence the engine rebuild – I still have the original’s. Essentially it has been sympathetically restored, not a nut and bolt jobby, I wanted it to retain some patina to give it the appearance of a well maintained garage find.

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1966 Tiumph T100SR
1966 Tiumph T100SR