A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Three

Well, it’s getting there – it’s all sanded and currently under spray putty drying, I just ran out of daylight so the only photo is pre-undercoat.

Getting it to the point of being ready for undercoating & spray puttying wasn’t that hard, I just used the trusty old orbi-sander and 320 fre-cut – just took the better part of the day was all, mainly because my back started givin’ out so I had to keep stopping – oh and the mad buggers at Honda just had to drown the damn tank and stickers in clear which took friggin ages to razor off (the stickers not the clear 😉 ).

Anyway after it was all sanded, I gave it a single coat of undercoat then a single coat of a pretty blue spray putty, guide coated it then put it all away ’til tomorrow – so head back then and I’ll have a stack more photos PLUS if all goes well photos of it in its new colour scheme.

 Mass Collection Of CBR1000 Bits

If anyone’s interested, the running cost so far which includes buying it, materials etc goes summut like this.

  1. Purchase price $1,200
  2. Delivery (seeing as it’s unregistered) $50
  3. Materials (additional thinners, spray putty, undercoat) $71

Total so far: $1,321 – not too shabby for a what will end up being a sweet looking CBR1000F 😉