Time Travel

Sat there last night watching a scientist’s view on Dr Who and the more they babbled on the more it showed that Dr Who has a lot to answer for in regards to science fiction/fact crossovers – how cool is that.

The bit I found interesting the most was time travel (as you would ;)) but the more I thought of it, the worse it got IF you could travel backwards in time. Extreme scenario would be if you for example saved a child from being run over and that child then grew up to be the worlds most wanted terrorist, whilst not affecting you personally, the world would definately change because of his existence.
You couldn’t go back a visit your parents when you were a toddler e.g. you knock on the their door with a fake story – you know oops sorry wrong house. Now they may just fob you off BUT when you return to your own time there would have to be a ghost of a memory of someone who looked IDENTICAL to you who knocked on their door decades ago.

Damn this time travel is like walking on egg shells, makes you think though 🙂