Plodding Along

What with near to and 40+ degrees it’s been way too hot to spend time in the shed, but I’ve caught up a bit now it’s cooled down. The V-Star Embossed is ready for final assembly, the neck is black with a transparent black fretboard and ebony fret markers, you can see the internal pup assembly in the photo. This’ll be the first and last tin I use unless I can find a thicker one as this one was just that tad too thin.

V-Star Embossed Tin CBG
V-Star Embossed Cigar Box GuitarLibro de los Muertos and Shovellin just need their necks and minor tweaking e.g. edge sanding and the speedo surround fitted and they’re ready to go too.
Libro de los Muertos and Shovellin


3 String Cigar Box Guitar

So, all bits ordered – Gibson style Tuners, a three string pickup, antique bronze box corners and a set of strings oh and the obvious cigar box. I actually bought two (see pics) so I can learn from the first and improve.
I’ve already got the neck blank, but with that I’m going to go a tad loony and insert a truss rod and mill down a fret board (both nicked from a Strat knock off) so I end up with a straight 40mm. As for the bridge, nut and tail piece I’ll make them as I go along from either spare guitar parts or just by hand.
Watch this space for a step by step.

Update 14th October – It Starts!!
You will notice in pictures 11 to 13 a nut made of wood. I won’t being using it, it’s just there as a guide so I can line up the fret board 😉 I’m taking my time as I still haven’t got the three string pickup, tuners, strings and corners yet, so this is all there is, well I may put up a photo of the fret board glued on and finished (burning) and maybe the scribbling on the side of the neck that shows the final shape.

Update 15th October – Got ’em!!
Inserted the truss rod and glued the fret board on yesterday, and what do I get in today’s mail? Yep you guessed it, the tuners, pickup and strings so that got me motivated enough to go out and rough shape the neck and machine head. That’s all for now, two pics of the neck are at the bottom. 😉

Update 17th October – Cheesed off Sorta
Seeing as the Spoke Shaver didn’t arrive so I could finish the neck all proper like I’ve decided to continue on with the box itself. Now personally I’m not overly fussed with the labelling on the box so I thought ‘bugger it, make me own‘ which I did – see picture 16, along with the left and right templates for the half R ‘oles (F holes to everyone else) picture 17 and measured up the positioning for the pickup and tail-piece. When I went to create the the label I didn’t have any clear to spray on to seal it before soaking it in water so that brought that to a grinding halt as well *shrug* I’ll get it finished by the end of next week (25/10).

Update 19th October – Nearly There
I finished making the new labels and added them, bloody fiddly but sorted you can see them from picture 18 to 22 I got a tad carried away and even printed copies of the seals, they’re not the exact size but I thought they needed to be there. Not bad considering I was going to strip it all back to bare timber and stain it 😛 . Anyway, apart from still not getting my Spoke Shaver yet to be able to finish the neck I suppose I can get all the wiring and small fitments done. Oh and before I forget yet again, it’s got a 25.5″ scale.

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