The Dinosaur That Is FIFA

I’ve said for a long time that FIFA needs a total rebuild, but not being in the privileged position of being able to take back-handers and under the table payments pretty much excuses me from being able to do anything – much the same as any other football fan.

Personally now with Blatter semi-stepping down, those in the background should be looking at bringing the game in to the 21st century and utilizing technology to get shot of the on field cheats so when Blatter finally leaves, the game itself will be in a stronger place.
For years I’ve said things like goal line technology was needed, as is a video ref and a great case in point for a video ref would be Thierry Henry’s blatant handball for France against the Republic of Ireland – a game France won. Now after the calls for handball from the Irish players the captain should have had the right to call for a video ref to double check – he (the video ref) would only see what the rest of the world saw, a player blatantly cheating. A video ref could be used for divers, along with other attempts at cheating, VIDEO DOESN’T LIE!

Would a video ref be of any use in football? Well rugby league seems to thinks so, rugby union seems to think so, even tennis has technology to sort out line ball issues, FIFA (or is it just Blatter) in its wonderous gilded cage is oblivious to the fact that SOMETHING needs to be done aside from lining their own pockets.
Do I think a video ref will see the light of day in football? Fat bloody chance, there are too many dinosaurs running FIFA, the FA, FAW, etc etc.

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Tan Out

There can be no greater face slapping for a foreign national pretending to be a football manager than having his name ridiculed in his own countries media.

The following is from the ‘Malaysian Insider’ – link to the story at the end.

At a time when our Prime Minister touts that the government is doing all it can to curb our spiraling deficit, it seems puzzling that they were more than eager to splurge RM15 million to aid Vincent Tan in his sponsorship for Cardiff City.

Furthermore, when queried over why our government was willing to waste RM15 million of taxpayer’s money on this, Tourism and Culture Minister Datuk Seri Nazri Aziz stated that the deal covering one season would help the ministry gain global “publicity and public relations” benefit and to attract high-end tourists from the United Kingdom and other Western European nations to Malaysia.

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Was Wembley – Now EPL

This was originally posted in 2008, but things, circumstances and people change so here it is again 😉

Our Father who art in EPL
Mackay be thy name.
Thy football come goals will be done, by Medel, Odemwingie & Whittingham,
Give us this day
Our daily bread
And forgive us our offside
As we tackle those who trespass against us
And lead us not into bad discipline
But deliver us from relegation
For Cardiff is the kingdom, the bluebird & the dragon
For ever & ever
‘Aright butt’


Oh Well

We had to lose at home sooner or later, pity it had to be against the magpies and on me birthday – bastards!!


Premier League & Cardiff City

Woohoo Cardiff City is Premier League!!

Yes, yes I know I’m months late but who gives a shit, even bought meself a Cardiff City Jersey 😛 They’ve made some decent purchases of late too.

Andreas Cornelious
Andreas Cornelius from FC Copenhagen

Steven Caulker
Steven Caulker from Spurs
Peter Odemwingie
Peter Odemwingie from West Brom
John Brayford
Brayford from Derby
Kevin Theophile-Catherine
Kevin Theophile-Catherine from French side Rennes
Maximiliano Amondarain
Uruguayan defender Maximiliano Amondarain
Gary Medel
And you can’t forget ‘el Pitbull’
Gary Medel, a Chilean from Spanish side Sevilla.

On top of that lot you also need to remember the existing players, Bellers, Whitters, the Gunny, Frazier Campbell, the list goes on weehee – Cardiff City is back where they belong, the top flight of English football.

So far Cardiff’s first match saw an away loss 2-0 to West Ham, then a home win 3-2 against Manchester City and a home nil all draw against Everton, oh and a 2-0 win over Accrington Stanley in the League Cup. How will we go this year? Well we’re not gunna win the Premier League BUT we’re also not gunna get relegated so s’all gunna be good 🙂

Oh and before I forget, to the bell ends who keep bitching about the shirt colour change remember this
Be We Red or Be We Blue
Who Gives a SHIT
We’re Comin’ For You!!


You Gotta Be Kiddin’

Serbia 6 – Wales 1 in a world cup qualifier???? FFS PULEEEZE look outside the box for a manager, try Spain or Sth America coz the crop that are sitting there in the sidelines waiting for the head of the current manager to role are just as soddin’ bad.

It was 1958 (the year I was born) the last and only time Wales made it to a world cup, any chance you useless bastards can get there again before I go tits up???????????


BAHAHAHA Ramos You Dick

How bright is this LOL

Or as a friend said, “the cup tried to commit suicide when it found out it was going to Real Madrid!”