Auctions, a Bargain? No.

Auctions used to be somewhere where you could go for a bit of a bargain, but not anymore – they’ve become places where people try to get retail or inflated prices depending on whether or not the item is new or “vintage”.

I regularly wander auction company listings looking for keyboards/synths but usually never see any so it’s back to eBay to troll the never ending shite and bullshit prices. Let’s look at say a Korg Kronos 88 – retail is around the $5,500 mark +/- a bit and what is eBay full of? Yep new Korg Kronos 88’s for that price. I’m confused, where is the bargain that an auction is supposed to bring, sure as hell not anywhere near advertisers of Korg Kronos’.
That’s the new stuff what about ‘vintage’ and I use the term loosely. Let’s look at ermm a Korg M1 there is one retailer/spammer on eBay who seems to think they’re worth a small fortune (or their ego is as inflated as their prices on all their stuff which is fucked up) as in $500 to $600+. My personal opinion on the M1 is one of “BLEH” if you want something like that get a T2EX, but I digress. Other sellers look on eBay to see how much they’re selling for, see this idiots pricing structure and follow suit – my response to that is “BAHAHAHA you cretins!” As far as I’m concerned a mint and I mean MINT M1 is worth no more than $350 as they aren’t a rare piece of kit, and if you don’t like my offer then piss off I’m not that fussed.
There was one there the other week that had a dead keybed, broken keys and a fading screen and they wanted $300 as a starter – give me a break sheesh.
It seems to me that if you put the words keyboard and synthesizer together people assume they’re on a winner – you know the type, find a cheezy Casio at a garage sale for ten bux, take it home, grab a few snaps and stick it on eBay for ten or twenty times the price when in reality the damn thing is a door stop, nothing more nothing less.

Ehh I’m bored now, rant over 😉


Paypal At It Again

Why is it if I pay for something with my CC through Paypal, the money is INSTANTLY removed from my card – BUT if I am getting a refund Paypal claim it can take up to thirty days (or so their website says) to put the money back?

What happened to “I’ll buy that, here’s your money – oops refund required, here’s you item, and thank you for giving the money back IMMEDIATELY?” I’ll tell you what happened, the longer Paypal hold your money, the more they make in interest, that’s what’s happened.

If I ran a business like that, I’d get my arse kicked by whoever in the government kicks arse nowadays – but if Paypal do it then they turn a blind eye.



Online Auctions

As is my want, I spend alot of time wandering online auctions and wholesale sites mainly because I have this continual thought that maybe I might be lucky enough to fall over a bargain. Now of late all I can honestly say I’ve fallen over is total crap, crap as in sellers and whiney buyers – I shall elaborate.

Now I bought a set of Lucas knock off blinkers for the Bonneville off eBay and yes they didn’t arrive, neither did the replacement set they said they sent hmmmm methinks they are trying to take me for a ride – one Paypal refund later and that’s them sorted. Bought another set of Lucas knock off blinkers only these were dearer but I’d dealt with the seller before, anyway within 2 days I get an email saying that one of the blinkers wasn’t up to scratch and the shipping had been delayed by a week. Funny thing is, I got that same email off em when I bought the other set *pondering the significance of such a statement* – anyhoo I sent them an email and told em unless I get by the 2nd March I’ll be requesting a refund.

It gets better ya know 😛 I also bought a studio mic pop filter and seeing as I was bored and it was coming up on week three I sent that seller an email asking where it was. Their response? Well it can take up to 40 days for the item to arrive. 40 days????????? where the f**k is it coming from, or more to the point do they feed the pigeons before attaching the items to their legs and sending em on their merry way – 40 days my arse, they also got the 2nd March deadline.
I did however buy a bass guitar from Melbourne, took 5 days to arrive – I unpacked it and inspected it and it looked sweet. Plugged it all in, tuned it then went to do summut, came back an hour later to have a muck about with it and damn near sliced me hand on the bloody great split in the neck – I swore, as you do!! I will give the seller their due, I emailed em, they sent me a prepaid post thingy and said send it back and we’ll give you another, cool now I just wait – again!

Now I did mention whiney buyers too and this was pure 100% classic. A nob head bought a ‘Fender‘ Strat for $325 inc postage ermmm I was pretty sure Strats were a little more expensive, but I digress. The site has a feedback section so I thought I’d check the seller out and what do I find, yep Captain Whiney Buyer Shit Head. And this was his feedback “This guitar is a fake, they sold me a fake, I want my money back” ROFLMFAO I think the price is a giveaway YOU DICK!!

Anyway, here are a few recommendations from yours truly of eBay sellers that in my opinion are bloody good sellers.

ccslightsound – I bought a Behringer 1002FX Mixer, a Behringer C1 Studio Mic and a Behringer UCA202 off this seller and talk about good comms and delivery time.
BelfieldMusic – Bought a triple guitar stand off them
Oz-Supplier – That was the bass
Pick_Guru – bought a 100 mixed medium weight picks and a guitar strap for Dylan who got himself a strat copy and amp, case etc.
Swamp-Industries – bought various studio cabling off them
Jackmusical – bought a basic acoustic guitar rebuild kit for her who must be obeyed, she’s had the thing for nigh on 40 years so I thought I’d tidy it up for her, she can’t play it but her dad bought it for her so thats a good enough reason.
There are a couple more that I won’t add just yet as I’ve only just started dealings with them, although one of em is proving to be a nob head already so we’ll see.


Move To Australia For The Best Life


Shitty Health Care
Shitty Dental Care
Shitty Mental Health Care
Shitty Housing
Shitty Public Transport
Shitty Weather
Shitty Daylight Saving
Governments (yes plural) that line their own pockets
Price Gouging
No support for the police, fire service, ambulances, public hospitals
Heads of government that have been in power for what is it, 2 months jetting off overseas
Sod going on, I’ve barely scratched the surface for shit sake. I could be here for hours and I’ve got better things to do!!

The only good thing to happen to me here, was meeting ‘her who must be obeyed’ (she’s not Australian) and God granting me three wonderful daughters and the associated additionals (grandkids)..


eBay Bites

I am sooooooooo over eBay now it’s not funny.

I’ve been sussin out bikes, mainly looking for one to tear down, rebuild and customise but everytime I bid on something the price seems to climb to some ridiculous amount – when you check the bidders though a lot are new members.

Call me a whinger if ya like, but I’d like to see who I’m bidding against and this Bidder 1, Bidder 2 bullshit is not protecting eBay users, all it’s doing is making it easier for sellers to have their mates push prices up in the hope that they’ll get a squillion bucks for summut that’s worth a quarter of that.

Case in point: A bike I was looking at, had been bid on by one person just after it started, I was third bidder in and was high bidder for over a week even after three other bidders came in and tried to push me off – then all of a sudden bidder 1 is back, upped the price near on a quarter of the current bidding then disappears again – sorta smacks of suspect bidding to me.

I came back and bid more and got high bidder again but after bidding it struck me that sod it, if this person and I use the term loosely outbids me again, then stuff it they can have it coz I’ll put money on the fact it’ll get relisted with some lame excuse like the bidder had a family crisis and couldn’t buy it or some other pile of BS.

Apart from that, doin sod all. . .