In Case You Haven’t Noticed!

Been mucking about with the appearance of the site, no doubt it’ll probably change “again” – who knows. Right now I’m off to sort out the workshop so I can actually find stuff I need. Actually sort out is wrong – more like clean the bloody tip up 🙂


Well It’s In Bits

Tore the motor out, pain in the arse just to do a stator but it also gives me the chance to rebuild and re-jet the carbs, polish the rocker boxes, degrease the whole thing, paint the frame and service bits that need servicing e.g. the drive shaft etc – shrug it’s all fun NOT!!



A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Two

Well the freezing weather and wind kept the working speed slow but the plastics are close to ready to undercoat.

The previous entry showed the upper fairing half missing the indicator mounts and a thin section which thanks to Tupperware, has now been replaced. Why Tupperware? Well I was looking for something that would be fairly solid but flexible at the same time. I spied an old container that the boss used for feeding the birds sitting on the BBQ – it didn’t take me too long to see that the rolled edge was oh so close to what was needed, all it required was a tiny bit of modifying as you can see from the photos.

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