Band Reviews

Going through the list of stuff I’ve got most of which a lot of you have probably never heard of, I thought I might start this series of band reviews to enlighten those that seek enlightenment ;).
Not only does it give me a chance to slow my brain down it’ll also give me a chance to listen to stuff I ain’t ‘eard in eons 😉 so with that this is the first of no doubt many.

Band: Brainticket
Country of Origin: Germany 1968
Genre: Tripper Rock, Kraut Rock, Psychedelic Rock

This is a band that at first listening seems to be nothing more than a German version of Atomic Rooster, until that is you just let the album play in this case it’s Cottonwoodhill.

I’ve often wondered where all the drugs went in the late 60’s early 70’s but now I know – Germany!! While the likes of Deep Purple, Atomic Rooster, Bloodrock et al were forming the basis of a semi static genre Brainticket were slipping from genre to genre and back again – plus combining them all – including classical. With Cottonwoodhill you are taken on a definate LSD inspired trip involving repetitive heavy Hammond, deep bass lines and spoken word in the form of a semi non-sensical poem – well it seems non-sensical because I can never keep up with her.

If I were to compare them to anyone they would be a mix of King Crimson, Atomic Rooster (latter e.g. Made In England), Pink Floyd (early e.g. Relics/Ummagumma) and early Jethro Tull oh and I supppose you could throw in some Hawkwind and Frank Zappa for his mindless wanderings.

The band was formed in Germany in 1968 with members from a number of different European countries and to the best of my knowledge released 7 albums spread over essentially 4 decades – the albums are:

Cottonwoodhill (mk I)
Psychonaut (mk I)
Celestial Ocean (mk I)
Adventure (mk II)
Voyage (mk II)
Alchemic Universe (2000) (mk III)
Live In Rome 1973 (2001) (mk I)

A brief Google search told me the following. As of August 2011 the band re-formed or should I say one original member re-created the band and is currently touring the US.

So how would I rate this band? Well unless you are in to the likes of King Crimson or Hawkwind or Pink Floyd then you will probably struggle with them, on the other hand if you like the tripper/psychedlic stylings of Pink Floyd’s “Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together In A Cave Grooving With A Pict” you will probably take to Brainticket. If you like the random key/style changes of King Crimson’s “Great Deceiver” you will probably like Brainticket.

Out of 10 I’d only rate them a 7 as even though I’m a King Crimson, Pink Floyd fan, Brainticket take it to the extreme in regards to genre crossing.

Brainticket on Youtube: