Bit more work done on the Fatboy.

While I’m waiting for Outer West Sandblasting to finish everything (the fatboy and the VL parts) I got carried away and tidied up the wiring (yes Mark, solder not connectors ), got the headlight sorted and working, took bloody ages – turns out it helps if you earth it drowned everything that needed it in red loctite oh and found an awesome carby return spring mount (see pic).

Slowly but shortly, hopefully it’ll all be done and back on the road within the next 7 to 10 days.

Harley Fatboy Harley Fatboy


Suzuki gone, Now it’s a Harley

Yes, I dropped over to the darkside and bought a 1998 Fatboy 😉 the annoying thing is some bastard stole the LTR points cover but for $5,000 I can spare another 20 bux for a points cover 😛 No idea what colour it’ll end up – only time will tell!!
#Harley #Fatboy


Well, Here We Go Again

Bloody summer, I HATE IT!
Summer in the Northern Hemisphere is like winter here in Oz – well that’s a slight exaggeration, it may be a tad warmer but compared to here it’s nothing. It’s now back to air conditioners, cold showers and that’s at night GRRRRR.

Plus it slows stuff down i.e. me doin work on the Bonneville, it gets so bleeding ‘ot in the shed ya gotta wander outside to get a bitta fresh air and wipe the sweat off. Just on the Bonneville, it’s got an annoying rattle in the top end that I just gotta find and fix. Pulled the front cam out to double check the anti-backlash gear, reset that now I’m changing all the stupid torx screws for allen head bolts in the cam blocks – damn stupid idea are them torx screws.

The only other things I need to do are fit the Lucas tail light, the short Lucas blinkers and the Ped Slicer 😉


David’s Triumph

A young lad said to his father one day, “dad everyone say’s their bike is the best etc, but yours is the only one in the bible.”
His father replied. “How so mate?”
He said “it says in the bible that David’s Triumph could be heard through out the land.”


I’m At It Again :P

Sold the Sporty – I’m not a Harley person to be honest and with that said it went 😛 I’ve now got myself a 2001 Triumph Bonneville in Forest Green and Silver, and am totally stoked!!

Granted it’s got 66,000 on the clock (Klm’s not Miles) but to look at it it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Not only are the Bonnies a great looking bike they also handle so this one is a def keeper for sure.2001 Triumph Bonneville

2001 Triumph Bonneville


Surprise Surprise – well I am at least. . .

It just struck me as I sit here listening to Diva (Chilean prog/rock/folk band), that I’ve now owned the XVS1100 for 18 months, painted it four times, swapped the bars around so many times I’ve lost count, put the sissy bar on, take the sissy bar off you get the drift 🙂

This is it in its current form, but thinking of NEW paint 😉

1999 xvs1100 custom


In Case You Haven’t Noticed!

Been mucking about with the appearance of the site, no doubt it’ll probably change “again” – who knows. Right now I’m off to sort out the workshop so I can actually find stuff I need. Actually sort out is wrong – more like clean the bloody tip up 🙂



5 months since I last wrote on here tsk tsk tsk – might start using it more, that’s why it’s here. Below is the new look for the bike, I was bored 🙂 it’s yellow pearl over a custom green – the bars are Harley.

New Look


A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Six

Well after sitting there staring at the bike for the last day or so I dug up some screws for the belly pan and got that mounted but before I mounted it I couldn’t resist airbrushing a twisted looking skull and cross bones on the front of it 🙂 . I was going to airbrush a skull in profile and realistic flames up both sides but decided to just airbrush Honda back on to the tank, CBR on the lower fairing halves and 1000F on the seat section – it’s being done with a twist, I’m using a gothic type font in silver with blue highlights.
All that should be finished tomorrow so I’ll get the photos up then, just ignore the fact it’s missing grips, I’ve ordered a nifty pair that have CBR embedded in ’em so the current running cost for the bike is $1,412 – I’m gunna have to stop spending money 😉