Facebook – the last bastion of the sad, thick and generally idiotic.

I’ve decided to give Facebook the flick simply because it is now so full of shit that it has passed its use-by date. Who seriously is interested in such things as ‘Oh look my pit-bull just bit his first postman‘ or ‘I’m going to the shops to buy a new dress for the cat’ or perhaps ‘I just ate a whole pizza and the cardboard box it came in and I’m still hungry.‘ Then there are the endless hoax pictures that get posted, Bill Gates will give you NOTHING, no your computer is not infected with the flu virus, no the child in the picture won’t get life saving surgery if the picture gets a million likes – you plebs.

I will go back to play two games but if they’re available for the iPad I’ll just put them on that and play them there as it’s easier than waiting for dozens of mindless posts, and the even more mindless suggestions.
Facebook, Zuckerberg – I am not interested in *C*rap music, dance, hip-hop, performers who call themselves musicians who just use a mass of samples stolen from REAL musicians, nor am I interested in American Football, Rugby League, Tennis or anything else you feel like adding to the ‘Trending’ or ‘Nearby Places’ or ‘Games You May Like.’

Facebook, you may feel you need to know what university I went to, or who I am married to or what I do for a living (yeh yeh it helps to connect) BUT I feel you are a bunch of nosey pricks who should mind their own business – ‘I’ will give you the information ‘I’ want to give NOT what you DEMAND I give!

In short, the sooner people realise that Facebook is nowt but a personal information farm the sooner it will slip off in to the obscurity from whence it came – that being drug fucked uni students. With that said, I am now going to write here and here only unless of course I see something on Facebook that requires a response and if you want to read what I’ve written you’ll have to do it here aye 😛



Tidy Up

After what seems like an eon, I decided to change the site up a bit. What did I do to achieve this? I made a new theme 😉 oh and Yr Wyf Cymraeg, to save you looking for what that means, it’s I Am Welsh.

Apart from that, been doing bugger all except building a new carport in between writing music for “8” but that’s not due out ’til August so s’all good, just keep an eye on the Sinultimata website – however I will be doing some vocals over the next few days for a different project, so that’s going to be fun (I think) 😛

#Sinultimata #Wales #Cymru


Now That’s Weird

Go figure, even though it was the Roland that hit the deck yesterday, I just finished plugging in all the midi cables etc and had a spare pair so I thought I’d try the T2ex Korg again as it’s been a real pain and I’ve never successfully managed to get the midi working correctly with that – anyway long story short, plug the cables in to the Korg and WALLOP working midi WOOHOO 🙂


As You Can See

I’ve changed the theme AGAIN 🙂 one day I’ll leave it alone but I doubt that’ll be any time soon jejeje


Stoopid Bloody AVG

I keep getting false positives outta the yazoo with the new version of AVG anti virus (AVG 2011), I seriously doubt on a new install of Windows with a new install of Office ALL from factory disk that word.exe is going to be a trojan. Back to the old one until they fix it or atleast fix the exceptions so they work coz even adding word to the exceptions made no soddin difference!!!!!


You Can Tell I’m Bored When I enjoy Reading Stat’s!!

Yep that’s right, I sat there n read through the sites stat’s and had a good ol’ chuckle 🙂 someone from Duncan Oklahoma spent over arf n hr wanderin’ the site – you’d be surprised how many spammers are getting blocked though. 

Apart from that, I’ve been creating 3D video animations, talk about time consuming *shrug* only got a squillion more to do, ranging from 2 mins in length to 7 or 8 mins each.

Oh well, 10pm, old body sayin “SLEEP YA PRAT” so onwards n upwards I go.


In Case You Haven’t Noticed!

Been mucking about with the appearance of the site, no doubt it’ll probably change “again” – who knows. Right now I’m off to sort out the workshop so I can actually find stuff I need. Actually sort out is wrong – more like clean the bloody tip up 🙂


eBay Bites

I am sooooooooo over eBay now it’s not funny.

I’ve been sussin out bikes, mainly looking for one to tear down, rebuild and customise but everytime I bid on something the price seems to climb to some ridiculous amount – when you check the bidders though a lot are new members.

Call me a whinger if ya like, but I’d like to see who I’m bidding against and this Bidder 1, Bidder 2 bullshit is not protecting eBay users, all it’s doing is making it easier for sellers to have their mates push prices up in the hope that they’ll get a squillion bucks for summut that’s worth a quarter of that.

Case in point: A bike I was looking at, had been bid on by one person just after it started, I was third bidder in and was high bidder for over a week even after three other bidders came in and tried to push me off – then all of a sudden bidder 1 is back, upped the price near on a quarter of the current bidding then disappears again – sorta smacks of suspect bidding to me.

I came back and bid more and got high bidder again but after bidding it struck me that sod it, if this person and I use the term loosely outbids me again, then stuff it they can have it coz I’ll put money on the fact it’ll get relisted with some lame excuse like the bidder had a family crisis and couldn’t buy it or some other pile of BS.

Apart from that, doin sod all. . .


Genealogy is now a scary word

After spending an age and a wallet full of money, I’ve had a fair bit of success researching the family tree on the internet but in saying that, I’ve also wasted a lot of time and money with sites that offer but don’t deliver.

Now apparently there are relatives that came from Ireland. from what I can gather, a lot of records were destroyed but a lot weren’t – I find it odd that the records I need to look at seemingly don’t exist. Yet the records DO show up if you search for another name which makes me wonder whether or not  the site in question is suspect.

UK census records are another story. People show up that match the search criteria but the info is sketchy e.g. my great grand dad was born in Ystradgynlais – his father, who knows as he doesn’t show up in BMD’s or censuses on first looking, you really have to dig to find!!

As for ratings of the sites I’ve used so far, I’ll give them something out of five.
Origins Network – 1.5 out of 5
Reason For Rating: Site ceases to function on a regular basis which means you seem to lose a lot of info if you haven’t previously saved plus it’s too expensive for what you can find.

Genes Re-United – 3.5 out of 5
Reason For Rating: Plenty of stuff here but lacks Irish records, and the fees are little high. You pay up front for membership then you have to buy credits to view census records etc.

Ancestry dot co dot uk – same as the previous except Irish records are apparently there, although I did do a free trial and saw a fair bit, I can’t at this stage see the value in paying another 22 bucks for a months access just in case (yes I’ve spent 5 times that in the last 2 weeks of searching).

FreeBMD – 5 out 5
Reason For Rating: Anything I can get for free I like 🙂

Onwards and upwards, more searching/researching and finger crossing.