Updated the VT1300CX – called it Tangerine Dream

2010 Honda VT1300CX
2010 Honda VT1300CX

Now painted in a custom made tangerine based on Ford’s Octane paint colour. Also fitted a knock-off version of a Memphis Shades batwing fairing and fitted a radio/mp3 player in it and moulded the speakers in and 3D printed a mount for the radio/mp3 player 😉


New Toys (Damn I Spoil Myself).

Added a few more modules to the tower, now it stands close to five feet when it’s on the floor LOL

And this is the other change, a new paint job on the 2010 Honda Fury – I think I’ll leave it alone now, unless I can find some cheap chrome wheels 😛

2010 Honda Fury


A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Seven

Well this is the second last post on this little epic. It’s painted, buffed, wheels painted yada yada – just gotta get the exhaust’s level fit the exhaust covers, fit the painted panel set, oh and sit back n wait for the grips I ordered but apart from that oh and polish it it’s done.

Don’t look to bad for 1400 bux 😛

1988 CBR1000F Honda CBR1000F Honda Tank


A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Six

Well after sitting there staring at the bike for the last day or so I dug up some screws for the belly pan and got that mounted but before I mounted it I couldn’t resist airbrushing a twisted looking skull and cross bones on the front of it 🙂 . I was going to airbrush a skull in profile and realistic flames up both sides but decided to just airbrush Honda back on to the tank, CBR on the lower fairing halves and 1000F on the seat section – it’s being done with a twist, I’m using a gothic type font in silver with blue highlights.
All that should be finished tomorrow so I’ll get the photos up then, just ignore the fact it’s missing grips, I’ve ordered a nifty pair that have CBR embedded in ’em so the current running cost for the bike is $1,412 – I’m gunna have to stop spending money 😉


A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Five

After spraying the thing blue then covering it in copper pearl I stood back, looked at it and said “YUCK!” To be honest it looked like baby poop on LSD so I just packed it all up and let it sit until the afternoon and sanded it flat then yesterday I just grabbed a few more litre tins of tinters, from memory Garnet Red, Maroon, umm eek another red plus lilac, white, russet, blue pearls – poured them all in to one big tin and started stirring.

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A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Three

Well, it’s getting there – it’s all sanded and currently under spray putty drying, I just ran out of daylight so the only photo is pre-undercoat.

Getting it to the point of being ready for undercoating & spray puttying wasn’t that hard, I just used the trusty old orbi-sander and 320 fre-cut – just took the better part of the day was all, mainly because my back started givin’ out so I had to keep stopping – oh and the mad buggers at Honda just had to drown the damn tank and stickers in clear which took friggin ages to razor off (the stickers not the clear 😉 ).

Anyway after it was all sanded, I gave it a single coat of undercoat then a single coat of a pretty blue spray putty, guide coated it then put it all away ’til tomorrow – so head back then and I’ll have a stack more photos PLUS if all goes well photos of it in its new colour scheme.

 Mass Collection Of CBR1000 Bits

If anyone’s interested, the running cost so far which includes buying it, materials etc goes summut like this.

  1. Purchase price $1,200
  2. Delivery (seeing as it’s unregistered) $50
  3. Materials (additional thinners, spray putty, undercoat) $71

Total so far: $1,321 – not too shabby for a what will end up being a sweet looking CBR1000F 😉


A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Two

Well the freezing weather and wind kept the working speed slow but the plastics are close to ready to undercoat.

The previous entry showed the upper fairing half missing the indicator mounts and a thin section which thanks to Tupperware, has now been replaced. Why Tupperware? Well I was looking for something that would be fairly solid but flexible at the same time. I spied an old container that the boss used for feeding the birds sitting on the BBQ – it didn’t take me too long to see that the rolled edge was oh so close to what was needed, all it required was a tiny bit of modifying as you can see from the photos.

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A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part One

Bought myself a 1988 CBR1000F Honda for the princely sum of $1,200 — ooooooh bargain!!!!!!
What I plan on doing, is changing it from its bog stock ‘orrible red n white to a more eye catching pearl red over prussian blue BUT before that can happen it needs a few odds and sods sorted out.

Anyhoo over the next few days/weeks I’ll be adding bits on how I went about fixing things along with what I used e.g. home made playdoh to make molds for the broken right indicator mounts 😛

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