Shit It’s been a while

Well it’s been a teeny bit over a month actually since I’ve done an update to the site and if you’re a regular then you’ll see that I’ve changed it ‘again.’

Apart from hiding from record high temperatures I’ve not been doing very much, sold the ute and the TRX. The ute wasn’t being used e.g. 300klms in 18 months and I couldn’t ride the TRX coz me left knee locked up when I did so it was useless hanging on to regardless of how good it looked. I bought myself a 97 Hyundai Sonata, bloody nice car to drive – not found a replacement bike yet I’m looking for an old 2 stroke Suzuki triple e.g. GT380 or GT550 to tear down completely and restore – no rush though one’ll turn up sooner or later.

As I’ve said, I’ve changed the appearance of the site and with it came a chit loada grief i.e. missing posts and or images so I think I’ve caught up but if you come across a missing image lemme know yeh 🙂