NSW, Australia – The Fuck Up State

I used to buy repairable writeoff’s to fix up, in fact I’ve still got one that I bought in 2009 but from the beginning of this year the NSW government in attempt to halt naughty people from doing body swaps or “re-birthing” as they like to call it, brought in a law making the re-registration of a repairable writeoff nigh on f***in impossible.

Now we all know that it hasn’t worked, insurance premiums have gone through the ceiling and the crims are still doing body swaps etc so what was the point of the whole exercise? f***ing none that I can see, just more bureaucratic bull shit to make life difficult and more expensive for those that have to live in this c*** of a state they call New South Wales.

Yeh yeh I can hear you saying “well move ya whinger” – why the f*** should I? I sure as f*** didn’t screw the state over, checkit, NSW has the worst road system, the worst rail system, is the most expensive for electricity (4 times more than the UK), is the most expensive for gas, is the most expensive for petrol, is the most expensive for food – yada yada yada, need I go on!!

Actually to prove my point I just hopped on the local automotive auction site, and went for a wander, then chose the car you see, just at random. To buy it then put it back on the road (inc all the bullshit fee’s you have to pay now) would probably cost you as much as you’d pay for one from a car yard and yes the damage you see IS the damage. The idea of buying from auction is to obtain a bargain but nooooo in comes the NSW government AGAIN to f*** it all up for Mr and Mrs Joe Average. All they had to do was to amend the existing laws to say that the purchaser could not re-sell the car, bike, whatever for a minimum of 18 mths – easy fix far as I’m concerned.
Oh and I’ve blurred various details for legal reasons, I’m not in the mood to listen to wankers whinge!!


Move To Australia For The Best Life


Shitty Health Care
Shitty Dental Care
Shitty Mental Health Care
Shitty Housing
Shitty Public Transport
Shitty Weather
Shitty Daylight Saving
Governments (yes plural) that line their own pockets
Price Gouging
No support for the police, fire service, ambulances, public hospitals
Heads of government that have been in power for what is it, 2 months jetting off overseas
Sod going on, I’ve barely scratched the surface for shit sake. I could be here for hours and I’ve got better things to do!!

The only good thing to happen to me here, was meeting ‘her who must be obeyed’ (she’s not Australian) and God granting me three wonderful daughters and the associated additionals (grandkids)..