Three More Records

Picked up three more records, I’ll get around to adding them to the list shortly (now done).
First is a 1957 press of Juanito Valderrama – Ole Flamenco
Second is Manitas de Plata – Flamenco the Spain of Manitas
Third is a WRC (approx 1971 press) of Stomu Yamash’ta – Percussion

Juanito Valderrama
Juanito Valderrama
Manitas de Plata
Manitas de Plata
Stomu Yamash'ta
Stomu Yamash’ta

Boredom again :P


Maybe I’ll stop painting the bike one day NOT!!
This version is Protec base black under SFX Blue Pearl in Protec Top Coat Clear. Next comes the flamenco dancer on the top of the tank and the word ‘Gitana’ on the sides – I’ve just got to decide what she’ll look like, which may well take me forever :P. You can also see the 4″ forward control extensions that make the ride sooooo much more comfy.

Either way, the airbrushing will be done with my trusty Iwata HP-C Plus with Iwata Medea Com-Art and Createx paints.

1999 XVS1100 Blue Pearl Over Black 1999 XVS1100 Blue Pearl Over Black



I’m not overly fussed if you like flamenco or not, I do and that’s all that matters to me!! This YouTube vid is Enrique Morente’s ‘Agnus Dei’ the bailador you hear around the 3:15 mark is Juan Ramirez, search for him on YouTube and be prepared for a serious treat.


As You Can See

I’ve changed the theme AGAIN 🙂 one day I’ll leave it alone but I doubt that’ll be any time soon jejeje


New Paint

Or part thereof 😉

Just started respraying the bike, it’s now a deep blue metallic with the beginnings of a Gitana/Flamenco dancer on the tank, with the Cross of Asturias (Cruz de la Victoria) on the rear guard. I knew it wouldn’t take long before I decided to change the old paint job 😛

Didn’t like it – starting again 2-1-11

Just gotta add the faces and a few tiny touchups and this is done.


Part 1 FIN YIPPEE - I can finally (well tomorra) get the XVS1100 back together again!!

1999 Yamaha XVS1100

1999 Yamaha XVS1100


R.I.P. Enrique Morente

Esto no es un adiós Enrique Morente, esto es gracias por tu donación al mundo, tu voz, tu corazón y tu alma.
Es posible que se ha ido, pero nunca será olvidado – Vaya Con Dios y el descanse en paz.

This is not goodbye Enrique Morente, this is thank you for your giving the world your voice, your heart and your soul.
You may be gone but you will never be forgotten – Go With God and Rest In Peace.