Changes Again

Got a teeny bit bored working so I thought I’d sneek a different look in to the site, I don’t think I’ve had a blue look before so I headed that way 😉

So apart from work, what else have I been up to? Sod all really, just mucking about with the synth’s and the like. Just waiting on 5 x 5 pin din leads to front so I can connect the Korg and DX27 through the E-MU XMidi 2×2 in to the PC, that way I can import various different bits and pieces mwoohahaha oh and connect both keyboards together as well, dunno what the hell is gunna happen when I do but we’ll see soon enough providing the postman gets his arse in to gear!!

Installed FL Studio 10 the other day, haven’t had much of play (work pfft) but as soon as I do I’ll pass on my thoughts – It’s going to have to work hard to beat Reason though as the UI is so easy on that, I’m more interested in making music not dickin’ about with clunky UI’s.


The Bonne Is Gone

Decided to sell the Bonne and with that gone I went on a bit of a spending spree for musical instruments – see the Music Stuff page for what I bought e.g. a Korg T2ex, a Yamaha DX27 amongst other things and other music based snippets like links to good companies etc.