Facebook – the last bastion of the sad, thick and generally idiotic.

I’ve decided to give Facebook the flick simply because it is now so full of shit that it has passed its use-by date. Who seriously is interested in such things as ‘Oh look my pit-bull just bit his first postman‘ or ‘I’m going to the shops to buy a new dress for the cat’ or perhaps ‘I just ate a whole pizza and the cardboard box it came in and I’m still hungry.‘ Then there are the endless hoax pictures that get posted, Bill Gates will give you NOTHING, no your computer is not infected with the flu virus, no the child in the picture won’t get life saving surgery if the picture gets a million likes – you plebs.

I will go back to play two games but if they’re available for the iPad I’ll just put them on that and play them there as it’s easier than waiting for dozens of mindless posts, and the even more mindless suggestions.
Facebook, Zuckerberg – I am not interested in *C*rap music, dance, hip-hop, performers who call themselves musicians who just use a mass of samples stolen from REAL musicians, nor am I interested in American Football, Rugby League, Tennis or anything else you feel like adding to the ‘Trending’ or ‘Nearby Places’ or ‘Games You May Like.’

Facebook, you may feel you need to know what university I went to, or who I am married to or what I do for a living (yeh yeh it helps to connect) BUT I feel you are a bunch of nosey pricks who should mind their own business – ‘I’ will give you the information ‘I’ want to give NOT what you DEMAND I give!

In short, the sooner people realise that Facebook is nowt but a personal information farm the sooner it will slip off in to the obscurity from whence it came – that being drug fucked uni students. With that said, I am now going to write here and here only unless of course I see something on Facebook that requires a response and if you want to read what I’ve written you’ll have to do it here aye 😛