Another CBG

Picked up another Montecristo Cigar Box which is destined to become another Cigar Box Guitar 😉 I’m all but finished with the body as you can see in the before and after photos, I promise I won’t go apeshit with pictures this time ’round.

The carcass was stripped of all paper work and dyed blue which was a logical colour for a blues slide 😛 then I clamped it in the CNC machine and cut out the maps of Texas for the sound holes and got carried away and engraved Texas Blues on it as well. Next cab off the rank is fit a couple of hinges as this make of box doesn’t come with them and line the inside with white paper – I’ll do that tomorra.

Update 8th Dec: Made the neck and fretboard, decided to do the neck white and the fretboard red with white fret markers (it’s fretless) and white stars instead of plain dots – def goin’ the Texas road 🙂 I’ll get photo’s up shortly, I want to wait until the scarf joint on the neck is rock solid before I finish it off.

Before - Cigar Box Guitar
After - Cigar Box Guitar


Hobbies & More

Finally found summut that sorta interest’s me hobby wise and I should be able to make some money off it too 🙂
I bought myself a CNC machine, a 6040 thing off eBay for a little over a grand, plus a kit version that’s got a 4′ x 6′ bed and gantry so once I’ve got the hang of it I’ll transfer the bits across to the kit and have a monster 🙂 I also bought a table router and a shedloada router bits and CNC bits – now all I gotta do is wait for it all to arrive. I’ve been mucking about with Aspire 3.5 a 3D CNC package and the more I play with it the more I realise me and wood may not mix, BUT I’m determined to sort it and have a real hobby.
The pic below is something I quickly knocked up in Aspire and I’m well chuffed and Aspire says it won’t take that long to machine out so digits crossed the CNC machine is as good as some people on the interweb have claimed.

Cardiff City FC 3D Shield Thing

Apart from the above I’ve not been doing much ‘cept mucking about with other designs and hiding from the shitty weather – although today it’s been pissin’ down so I’m a happy chappy, it tell’s me that Winter is on its way 🙂