Freak Out Time

I was happily doing something in one room (I think I was making coffee) when I hear a rather disturbing crash from another. What do I find when I reach the room? The Roland, the mixer, a computer monitor and assorted cables laying in a tangled heap on the floor 😐 The way I’ve got the two tier stand set up is RS-9 on the lower, then a solid mount with a computer monitor at eye level – it saves me from having to turn my head to see what’s goin’ on.

Thankfully nothing was broken, and why the stand decided to collapse is beyond me coz everything is tighter than a ducks arse so it shouldna collapsed, another thing I can be thankful for is her who must be obeyed bought a border collie and he likes to wind himself through the cabling, he wasn’t anywhere near the room when it all came down. He’s a smart bloody dog and it wouldn’t surprise me to see he’s worked out how to use a shifter and loosened the mounts just to drive me nutso 😉

Chico the Border Collie
Chico the Chocolate and White Border Collie 11 weeks old