A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Six

Well after sitting there staring at the bike for the last day or so I dug up some screws for the belly pan and got that mounted but before I mounted it I couldn’t resist airbrushing a twisted looking skull and cross bones on the front of it 🙂 . I was going to airbrush a skull in profile and realistic flames up both sides but decided to just airbrush Honda back on to the tank, CBR on the lower fairing halves and 1000F on the seat section – it’s being done with a twist, I’m using a gothic type font in silver with blue highlights.
All that should be finished tomorrow so I’ll get the photos up then, just ignore the fact it’s missing grips, I’ve ordered a nifty pair that have CBR embedded in ’em so the current running cost for the bike is $1,412 – I’m gunna have to stop spending money 😉