Who’s got the national debt, or Daylight Saving bites!!

Just went for a wander to see if I could find a copy of the book “Out In Bad Standings.” Now I don’t mind paying for a copy but now let me see. . . ummm $412.00 USD I DON’T THINK SO!!! That’s what one place wanted LOL.

Even used copies on Amazon are selling for 50 bux, damn they’re only $49 new. Some people must think that just because it’s an internet sale they can suck buyers in – well not this little black duck, let me tell you.

Apart from doing that, not done much – was stinkin’ ‘ot yesdee but nice n cool today inc rain yippee. Oh daylight saving grrrrrrrrrrr what a waste of space that is. It starts here in rainy Sydney tomorrow night so the ol’ body clock’ll be outta whack for a few days. D/S ain’t needed unless of course you’re a wannabe street trawler. . . .