You don’t DRIVE a bike

I’m a little pissed today and an ad on eBay has pushed me over the edge!!

I was just having a look through the bikes and came across a coupla Harleys that needed closer inspection and upon reading the blurb, “yes you too can own and drive a Harley at a cheap price” I sorta flipped.

DRIVE?? DRIVE?? You RIDE a bike not drive a bike you fuckin’ knob heads.


I’m At It Again :P

Sold the Sporty – I’m not a Harley person to be honest and with that said it went 😛 I’ve now got myself a 2001 Triumph Bonneville in Forest Green and Silver, and am totally stoked!!

Granted it’s got 66,000 on the clock (Klm’s not Miles) but to look at it it looks like it just rolled off the showroom floor. Not only are the Bonnies a great looking bike they also handle so this one is a def keeper for sure.2001 Triumph Bonneville

2001 Triumph Bonneville