eBay Bites

I am sooooooooo over eBay now it’s not funny.

I’ve been sussin out bikes, mainly looking for one to tear down, rebuild and customise but everytime I bid on something the price seems to climb to some ridiculous amount – when you check the bidders though a lot are new members.

Call me a whinger if ya like, but I’d like to see who I’m bidding against and this Bidder 1, Bidder 2 bullshit is not protecting eBay users, all it’s doing is making it easier for sellers to have their mates push prices up in the hope that they’ll get a squillion bucks for summut that’s worth a quarter of that.

Case in point: A bike I was looking at, had been bid on by one person just after it started, I was third bidder in and was high bidder for over a week even after three other bidders came in and tried to push me off – then all of a sudden bidder 1 is back, upped the price near on a quarter of the current bidding then disappears again – sorta smacks of suspect bidding to me.

I came back and bid more and got high bidder again but after bidding it struck me that sod it, if this person and I use the term loosely outbids me again, then stuff it they can have it coz I’ll put money on the fact it’ll get relisted with some lame excuse like the bidder had a family crisis and couldn’t buy it or some other pile of BS.

Apart from that, doin sod all. . .