Four More Cigar Box Guitars

Yes, four 😉 Seeing as I had a stack of marine ply I cut it all to CBG size so now I’ve got masses of tops, bottoms, ends and sides, with that said I started on one, then another and another to the point where I ended up with five body’s ready to go. Discarded one as the more I looked at it the more I disliked it and have ended up with the four as shown in the pic.

They are as follows:
From LtoR Rock On’ – Three string acoustic, Libro de los Muertos or Book of the Dead for non-Spanish speakers – Three string semi acoustic with humbucker, V-Star Embossed (cheers Con) – Three string semi-acoustic, Shovellin’ – Three string acoustic oh and the Shovelhead engraving is off centre on purpose, I didn’t want the bridge to cover it.
All need final tweakin’ but not gunna say what to which one 😉

Four CBG's On The Go
                     Four CBG’s On The Go

Boredom again :P


Maybe I’ll stop painting the bike one day NOT!!
This version is Protec base black under SFX Blue Pearl in Protec Top Coat Clear. Next comes the flamenco dancer on the top of the tank and the word ‘Gitana’ on the sides – I’ve just got to decide what she’ll look like, which may well take me forever :P. You can also see the 4″ forward control extensions that make the ride sooooo much more comfy.

Either way, the airbrushing will be done with my trusty Iwata HP-C Plus with Iwata Medea Com-Art and Createx paints.

1999 XVS1100 Blue Pearl Over Black 1999 XVS1100 Blue Pearl Over Black


New Paint

Or part thereof 😉

Just started respraying the bike, it’s now a deep blue metallic with the beginnings of a Gitana/Flamenco dancer on the tank, with the Cross of Asturias (Cruz de la Victoria) on the rear guard. I knew it wouldn’t take long before I decided to change the old paint job 😛

Didn’t like it – starting again 2-1-11

Just gotta add the faces and a few tiny touchups and this is done.


Part 1 FIN YIPPEE - I can finally (well tomorra) get the XVS1100 back together again!!

1999 Yamaha XVS1100

1999 Yamaha XVS1100


Surprise Surprise – well I am at least. . .

It just struck me as I sit here listening to Diva (Chilean prog/rock/folk band), that I’ve now owned the XVS1100 for 18 months, painted it four times, swapped the bars around so many times I’ve lost count, put the sissy bar on, take the sissy bar off you get the drift 🙂

This is it in its current form, but thinking of NEW paint 😉

1999 xvs1100 custom


My Bad – But Hey We All Make Mistakes

Measured up the crossover pipe for the exhaust for the Vulcan and they always say measure twice – cut once, I measured twice and still balls’ed it up 🙂 some how I ended up with a crossover pipe that was 4″ too long so I pick up the fixed one, all welded n stuff tomorrow, I’ll get thet fitted along with the Harley tapered turbo’s and thats the exhaust system finished.

All it needs then will be one number plate bulb, two fuel lines and a two vacuum hoses and it’s sweet 😉


Photos and more of the Vulcan

Spent the last few days going through the Vulcan like a dose of the clap and to be honest it’s a little shabbier than first thought but in saying that it’s nothing I can’t fix providing my back don’t give out 😉

Right so what have I done? Drained the oil and replaced it along with the oil screen and filter with new stuff, ripped off the “ears” but after pricing the necessary bits to set it up with K&N’s I decided to stick the “ears” back on (well I’ll do that tomorrow) – this is becoming a nightmare for spare parts costs.

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A new toy spelt TORTURE!! – Part Seven

Well this is the second last post on this little epic. It’s painted, buffed, wheels painted yada yada – just gotta get the exhaust’s level fit the exhaust covers, fit the painted panel set, oh and sit back n wait for the grips I ordered but apart from that oh and polish it it’s done.

Don’t look to bad for 1400 bux 😛

1988 CBR1000F Honda CBR1000F Honda Tank