Still Waitin

Not a peep from the mob fixin me 19″ monitor, startin to get a touched pissed again – might call em tomorrow n see how they’re goin with it IF AT ALL!!
Not much has been happenin round here, tattooed a semi neckid bird on Daryl’s leg (did I tell y’all this?) umm decided to reinstall windas coz it was gettin flakey, been creating line-art for the all the tatts I’ve got, wish I could batch job it sheesh wotta time saver that’d be.
My daughters mate went racing at Eastern Creek this weekend (this is the car I used to sponsor before selling my business), it sorta went like this.
Friday (practice): Broke axle in car 1 and saw car 2 play pinball off the concrete walls, spend Friday night fixing cars.
Saturday (race 1): Comes third in car 1 while driver 2 takes car 2 to 5th
Sunday (race 2): Car 1 throws another axle after 2 laps then when the car was being returned to the pits after the race it fell off the truck – car 2 places another 5th
Sunday (race 3): Mad rush to get car 1 ready, makes it to 5th and a gremlin decided to play which caused a mis-fire and saw him drop back to 11th, car 2 gained another 5th place.
Personally I woulda slapped the towie for bein a dick *shrug* anyway gunna see if I can attach a pic of the car dangling precariously off the side of the truck
Adios All

Lemme Off!!