Soul Survivor, Soul Reviver or Marry Me Charlie Dimmock

Yes, I know it’s a rather twisted topic for my first update in ages – but hey twisted is as twisted does 😛 (I’ll explain further on down).

It’s been a fairly crappy few months, what with servers being shut down and the owners not passing this teeny bit of info on so I get clients calling me complaining they can’t reach they’re website so in the upshot I lose a client who was paying me 2.5k (approx) a year for updates and maintenance of his site GRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
OK – 2.5k a year is sod all in the grand scheme of things but add that to other income and it all adds up and I ain’t rich by any stretch of the imagination so if any of you ladies sussed out my pic and thought ‘yummy’ is he rich? (BWAHAHAHAHAHA – yeh right as if on both counts) – ya outta luck!

What else has ‘appened? Well it appears I’m up for a tranny in the Sonata – 12 hundred bux 🙁 ummm my PC went bang which meant a new mobo, cpu and ram – it’s been bloody hot, Christmas loses all meaning when it’s like 120 degrees 🙁 about the only decent thing to happen (weather wise) is we’ve had some rain lately so the grass has taken on a greenish tinge, not that awful brown that seems to be everywhere.

Oh the subject of this rambling 🙂 – the first bit is because I’m sitting here here listening to ‘Yes’ and the second bit is cause I think Charlie Dimmock (a presenter on the TV show ‘Ground Force’) is cute :-).
OK, she’s no raving beauty (well she is but I ain’t admittin’ it ;-)) but she makes me larf and we all need that now don’t we. Anyway, off I go to find something else to do.

Charlie Dimmock