Site Stats and Idiots

I was just looking at the site logs for this domain and there was near 2,000 404’s – why? I hear you ask. Well what it is, is warez wankers looking for non-existent warez and the reason for looking, is I was using a different script to WordPress and the security out of the box was not the best so just about every directory had a redirect file in it (placed in there by a tool) thereby linking to warez or crackz pages etc.

The numbers are dropping (slowly) but here’s a snippet of this months:
url /xxxx_plugins/coppermine_menu/ratepic.php  number of hits 371 
url/xxxx_plugins/coppermine_menu/displayimage.php number of hits 269 
url /news.php number of hits 179

Realistically I should have secured the script a little better but in saying that it gets a little hard when the authors have it written in such a way that you have to leave some dirs open for it to work. Ehh the upshot is, all they get to see now is Mr Happy 😉

Mr. Happy or UP YOU!!

Oh well that’s my whine for the day 🙂