Photos and more of the Vulcan

Spent the last few days going through the Vulcan like a dose of the clap and to be honest it’s a little shabbier than first thought but in saying that it’s nothing I can’t fix providing my back don’t give out πŸ˜‰

Right so what have I done? Drained the oil and replaced it along with the oil screen and filter with new stuff, ripped off the “ears” but after pricing the necessary bits to set it up with K&N’s I decided to stick the “ears” back on (well I’ll do that tomorrow) – this is becoming a nightmare for spare parts costs.

Got the tank stripped back to bare metal and carried out the repairs to it – thankfully it wasn’t rusty. In order of pics, oh bugger it you can see for yourself, I’ll just chime in with the odd comment πŸ˜›

Next cab off the rank add the exploding stars or lense flares or whatever ya wanna call em to the top of the tank, then re-clear it –Β re-fit the ears and measure up for the exhaust and tidy up some shabby wiring, then she’s sweet!!

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