Pardon Me While I Kick Something

Well I can’t kick the Compaq monitor, that went in the bin when it stopped working – I can however kick the Mitsubishi 93SB 19″ but it’s pointless coz it goes back for warranty repairs tomorrow – so at the mo I’m using an LG 17″ scary thing that goes ZAP every now n again but hey it keeps me on me toes. What else do I wanna kick? Oh the seller of one Powerbook G3 laptop here are the specs.

Powerbook G3 333 (Lombard)
128 Meg ram
15″ screen
What do I get when it turns up from the eBay seller?
Powerbook G3 400 (Lombard)
192 Meg ram
14″ screen
Partially dead keyboard
and this boofhead has got a rating in the 1,000’s be buggered if I know how seein as it took a week to get here when it should’ve taken 3 days tops and he’s as fast at answering emails as I am at running the mile and trust me if ya saw me run yo”d know what I meant.

Anyway I”m off to make coffee before I DO actually kick summut