Bloody age, one minute you’re chasing 18 so you can get into the pubs and the next you’re wondering why you’re yawning at 5pm. I’ll tell you why, it’s called “BLUR.”

Now if you haven’t twigged yet, blur is the time as it zooms by and you don’t even notice it until it’s too late. Ok I’m still a spring chicken, just a piddling 48 years old but what happened to the last 25+? My youngest will be 23 this year, number 2 will 25 and the eldest 28 or is it 29 eeek – damn failing memory 😛 It only seems like yesterday they were arguing over who owned what Barbie (they’re all girls by the way :-)), or hiding boyfriends from their Tad.
Now it’s time to watch the grand-kids grow up, the 2 boys now play rugby league (their mothers wouldn’t let ’em play the game they play in Heaven the buggers ;-)) 2 of the grand-daughters are in kindy and the third has just discovered that if she pulls on the phone cord it falls off the desk, or putting food caked hands on the TV gets her Tad-cu a touch cheesed off because he’s gotta to wipe it clean. One of these days I’ll leave it till it builds up and drives everyone else nuts. I spose that’ll teach me for bein a picky sod 🙂 Anyway, I’m away – my elbow and shoulder is givin’ me gyp, probably from many years of shifting gears in a truck and then 10 years of sittin’ at a desk.