Oh my achin’ foot

Like an idiot I decided to change the computer room around which pretty much meant tearing everything out. Anyway as I’m puttin’ it all back together I walked out to go to another room where I had stuff stacked and the carpet saver that goes under my chair (you know the type, smooth on top, spikes on bottom) had slid down the wall where it was left and ended up spikes up.

Now I regularly wander round in a semi comatose state 😛 and didn’t notice said spikes to which my right foot landed on rather heavily, which made me jump sideways and saw two toes on my left foot gettin jammed under a door, so after lotsa bleedin’ n me whinin’ like a big girl I put a band-aid on it n even a day after it’s killin me. . .

Oh well, stupid me 🙂

Apart from the desktop blowin up (usin me C600 at the mo), all’s quiet on the western front.