Now This Is Pleasing To See

The Bloodrock DVD and Stevie Hill’s solo album “Avalanche In Reverse” are now for sale at the Official Stevie Hill Website

For those that can remember back that far, Bloodrock kicked some serious rock butt – it’s a pity that the music critics of the day didn’t know their arses from their elbows and canned Bloodrock regularly and in my (and thousands of others) opinion couldn’t have been too bright if they couldn’t see how technically brilliant the band was. I think I better stop now or some critic from the day might come n get me and try to beat me up the head with his zimmer frame.

Also available as I’ve said is Stevie Hill’s solo “Avalanche In Reverse” I had the opportunity to hear a few tracks that made the album and for those that aren’t Bloodrock fans (It’s a must for you lot) you will find Steve’s writing as good if not better than the Bloodrock days, although Fantastic Piece Of Architecture is gunna be a toughy to beat 🙂 (sorry Steve, that’s a given buddy, you know my thoughts on that track).

So whatchya waitin for, go buy ’em – just click here