Naff T2EX Display

Replaced the EL (backlight) in the Korg last month with a nice new blue one and decided to continue recording some stuff for the album and what do I see when I fire the Korg up? Yes you guessed it, a naff display.

It worked perfectly when I originally fitted it, damn I even took a damn sight more care than I normally do when I’m fixin’ stuff as the Korg T2EX even though old, is my all time fave piece of kit for a few reasons, one is obviously the sounds and two my youngest picked it up for me – ehh call me sentimental, or just mental 😉

Anyhoo, email sent to the mob I bought the EL off to see what they can do if they’ll do anything. Keep an eye open here coz either way I’ll be commenting, beit good or bad on ’em.

This is the backlight as it is now, pic one shows it as it is, pic two highlights the problem – oh and no I’m not taking better pictures, I couldn’t be stuffed moving the Moog from the keyboard stand that’s above the Korg.

Korg T2EX Display ProblemPic 1

Korg T2EX Display ProblemPic 2