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Gary Moore – 1982-1994 Ballads & Blues (U.K.)
Gary Moore – A Different Beat (U.K.)
Gary Moore – After Hours (U.K.)
Gary Moore – After The War (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Back On The Streets (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Back To The Blues (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Blues Alive (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Blues For Greeny (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Blues From a Gun (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Corridors Of Power (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Dark Days In Paradise (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Dirty Fingers (U.K.)
Gary Moore – G-Force (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Grinding Stone (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Power Of The Blues (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Rockin’ Every Night (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Run For Cover (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Scars (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Still Got The Blues (U.K.)
Gary Moore – The Best Of The Blues (Bonus Track) (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Victims of the Future (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Walkways (U.K.)
Gary Moore – We Want Moore (U.K.)
Gary Moore – Wild Frontier (U.K.)
Genesis – A Trick Of The Tail (U.K.)
Genesis – Abacab (U.K.)
Genesis – And Then There Were Three (U.K.)
Genesis – Calling All Stations (U.K.)
Genesis – Duke (U.K.)
Genesis – Foxtrot (U.K.)
Genesis – From Genesis To Revelation (U.K.)
Genesis – Genesis (U.K.)
Genesis – Invisible Touch (U.K.)
Genesis – Live (Bootleg) (U.K.)
Genesis – Nursery Cryme (U.K.)
Genesis – Selling England By The Pound (U.K.)
Genesis – Spot The Pigeon (EP) (U.K.)
Genesis – The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway (U.K.)
Genesis – Three Sides Live (U.K.)
Genesis – Trespass (U.K.)
Genesis – We Can’t Dance (U.K.)
Genesis – Wind & Wuthering (U.K.)
Gentle Giant – Acquiring The Taste (U.K.)
Gentle Giant – Civilian (U.K.)
Gentle Giant – Free Hand (U.K.)
Gentle Giant – Gentle Giant (U.K.)
Gentle Giant – In A Glass House (U.K.)
Gentle Giant – King Biscuit Flower Hour (U.K.)
Gentle Giant – Octopus (U.K.)
Gentle Giant – The Missing Piece (U.K.)
Gentle Giant – The Power And The Glory (U.K.)
Gentle Giant – Three Friends (U.K.)
George Harrison – Concert For Bangla Desh (U.K.)
George Harrison – Electronic Sound (U.K.)
Gerry And Pacemakers – Ferry Cross The Mersey (U.K.)
Gift – Gift (Germany)
Gila – Gila (Germany)
Giles, Giles & Fripp – The Cheerful Insanity Of (U.K.)
Gio Gentile – Atlantide (Italy)
Giuffria – Giuffria (USA)
Giuffria – Silk And Steel (USA)
Glass – Palindrome (USA)
Glass Hammer – Chronometree (USA)
Glass Hammer – Culture Of The Ascent (USA)
Glass Hammer – Journey Of The Dunadan (USA)
Glass Hammer – Lex Rex (USA)
Glass Hammer – Ode To Echo (USA)
Glass Hammer – On To Evermore (USA)
Glass Hammer – Perelandra (USA)
Glass Hammer – Shadowlands (USA)
Glass Hammer – The Breaking Of The World (USA)
Glass Hammer – The Inconsolable Secret (USA)
Glass Hammer – The Middle Earth Album (USA)
Glass Hammer – Three Cheers For The Broken Hearted (USA)
Glenn Hughes – Addiction (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Blues (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Building The Machine (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Feel (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – First Underground Nuclear Kitchen (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – From Now On (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – God Of Voice – Best Of (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Music For The Divine (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Play Me Out (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Return Of Crystal Karma (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Songs In The Key Of Rock (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Soul Mover (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – The Way It Is (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Thrall (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Tribute To Tommy Bolin (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes – Wild Seed Of Mother Earth (U.K.)
Glenn Hughes & Dario Mollo – Voodoo Hill (U.K.)
Golden Earring – Moontan (Holland )
Golden Earring – Paradise In Distress (Holland )
Goliath – Hot Rock And Thunder (U.K.)
Goma – 14 Abril (Spain)
Goma 2 – Goma 2 (Spain)
Goon Show – Goon Show Classics V4 (U.K.)
Goon Show – The Best Of The Goons (U.K.)
Gotic – Escenes (Spain)
Gotic – Gotic (Spain)
Govi – Andalusian Nights (Germany)
Govi – Guitarra Mistica (Germany]
Govi – Heart Of A Gypsy (Germany)
Govi – Seventh Heaven (Germany)
Govi – Touch Of Light (Germany)
Granada – Espana, Ano 75 (Spain)
Granada – Hablo De Una Tierra (Spain)
Granada – Valle Del Pas (Spain)
Grand Funk Railroad – All The Girls In The World Beware (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Born To Die (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Bosnia (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Capitol Collectors Series (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Caught In The Act (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Closer To Home (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – E Pluribus Funk (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Good Singin’, Good Playin’ (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Grand Funk (Red Album) (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Grand Funk Hits (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Heavy Hitters (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Live Album (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Live in Osaka ’97 (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Lives (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Monumental Funk (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – More Of The Best (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – On Time (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Phoenix (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Shinin` On (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Survival (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – The Best Of Grand Funk (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – We’re An American Band (USA)
Grand Funk Railroad – Whats Funk (USA)
Gravy Train – A Ballad Of A Peaceful Man (U.K.)
Gravy Train – Gravy Train (U.K.)
Gravy Train – Second Birth (U.K.)
Gravy Train – Staircase To The Day (U.K.)
Guardian – Fire And Love (USA)
Guardian – Miracle Mile (USA)
Guardian – The Yellow And Black Attack Is Back (USA)
Guildenstern – Guildenstern (Germany)
Gun – Gun (U.K.)
Gun – Gunsight (U.K.)
Gurumaniax – Psy Valley Hill (Germany)
Gygafo – Legend Of The Kingfisher (U.K.)

Ham Brothers – Ham Brothers (USA)
Hard Stuff – Bulletproof (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Alien 4 (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Astounding Sounds, Amazing Music (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Atomhenge 76 (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Canterbury Fayre (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Choose Your Masques (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Church Of Hawkwind (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Dawn Of Hawkwind (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Distant Horizons (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Doremi Fasol Latido (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Electric Tepee (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Greasy Truckers Party (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Hall Of The Mountain Grill (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Hawklords 25 Years On (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Hawklords Portsmouth (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Hawkwind (U,K.)
Hawkwind – In Your Area (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Levitation (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Live Chronicles (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Live Seventy-Nine (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Love In Space (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Night Of The Hawk (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Palace Springs (U.K.)
Hawkwind – PXR 5 (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Quark Strangeness And Charm (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Reading Festival (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Sonic Attack (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Space Bandits (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Space Ritual (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Spacebrock (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Stasis – The UA Years Singles (U.K.)
Hawkwind – The 1999 Party (U.K.)
Hawkwind – The Business Of The Future (U.K.)
Hawkwind – The Business Trip (U.K.)
Hawkwind – The Chronicle Of The Black Sword (U.K.)
Hawkwind – The Collection (U.K.)
Hawkwind – The Xenon Codex (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Warrior On The Edge Of Time (U.K.)
Hawkwind – X In Search Of Space (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Yule Ritual (U.K.)
Hawkwind – Zones (U.K.)
Heart – Little Queen (USA)
Heaven And Hell – Live In Chile (U.K.)
Heaven And Hell – The Devil You Know (U.K.)
Herba D’hameli – Inversa Visual (Spain)
Hero – Hero (Italy)
Hollywood Vampires – Hollywood Vampires (U.K. – USA)
House Of Lords – Big Money (USA)
House Of Lords – Cartesian Dreams (USA)
Hughes-Turner Project – HTP 1 (U.K. USA)
Hughes-Turner Project – HTP 2 (U.K. USA)
Humble Pie – The Humble Pie Collection (U.K.)

Ian Anderson – Divinities (U.K.)
Ian Anderson – Plays The Orchestral Jethro Tull (U.K.)
Ian Anderson – Rupi’s Dance (U.K.)
Ian Anderson – The Secret Language of Birds (U.K.)
Ian Anderson – Walk Into Light (U.K.)
Ibio – Cuervas De Altamira (Spain)
Il Balletto Di Bronzo – Ys (Italy)
Il Cerchio d’Oro – Il Viaggio Di Colombo (Italy)
Il Divo
Ildefonso Aguilar – Erosión (Spain)
Iman Califato Independiente – Camino Del Aquila (Spain)
Iman Califato Independiente – Iman Califato Independiente (Spain)
Inti Illimani – Andadas (Chile)
Inti Illimani – Cancion Para Matar Una Culebra (Chile)
Inti Illimani – Canto al programa (Chile)
Inti Illimani – Canto de Pueblos Andinos vol I (Chile)
Inti Illimani – Canto de Pueblos Andinos vol. II (Chile)
Inti Illimani – Canto Para Una Semilla Con Mares Gonzalez (Chile)
Inti Illimani – Con la Razón y la Fuerza (Chile)
Inti Illimani – De Canto y Baile (Chile)
Inti Illimani – Imaginación (Chile)
Inti Illimani – Lugares Comunes en Vivo (Chile)
Inti Illimani – The Return of the Condor (Chile)
Inti Illimani – Viva Chile (Chile)
Inti Illimani y Paco Peña – Leyenda (Chile – Spain)
Iommi – Iommi (U.K.)
Iris – Crossing The Desert (U.K. – france)
Iron Butterfly – Ball (Deluxe Edition) (USA)
Iron Butterfly – Ball (USA)
Iron Butterfly – Fillmore East 1968 (USA)
Iron Butterfly – Heavy (USA)
Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Deluxe Edition) (USA)
Iron Butterfly – In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (USA)
Iron Butterfly – Live (USA)
Iron Butterfly – Live At The Galaxy Club (Bootleg)
Iron Butterfly – Metamorphosis (USA)
Iron Butterfly – Scorching Beauty (USA)
Iron Butterfly – Sun And Steel (USA)