Music To Get Divorced By!

Originally posted in May 2005 – added a few more to the list hence the date change

Here I am sitting, minding my own business and tossing around music people get married to (my sister is getting married) – and as is my want, I ended up wondering what people would play if they were getting divorced. If you look at a lot of weddings they’re either full of Bryan Adams or Celine Dion and the like but what would get played at a Divorce Reception?
Well this is my list I’ll probably keep adding to this list and comments/suggestions are always welcome, so here goes 🙂

The Cut Runs Deep – Deep Purple
Ain’t Gunna Eat Out My Heart Anymore – Angel
Wind Up Toy – Alice Cooper
People You Can’t Trust – Atomic Rooster
Killing Yourself To Live – Black Sabbath
Prelude To The Afternoon Of A Sexually Aroused Gas Mask – Mothers Of Invention
I Hate Everybody – Johnny Winter
Free For All – Ted Nugent
Stilled By Whirlwind Tongues – Bloodrock
Gettin’ Kinda Cocky – Black Oak Arkansas
A Great Day For Freedom – Pink Floyd
Goodbye – Free
I’m Not Your Slave – Glenn Hughes
No Release – Rainbow
El Templo Del Adiós – Mägo de Oz
Set Me Free – Sweet
Out On The Street – Uriah Heep
Death Walks Behind You – Atomic Rooster
Freedom – Buffalo
You’re Opening Doors – Budgie
I Stand Alone – Blackfoot
Movin’ On – Bad Company
El Poder de la Libertad – Bloque