More Guitars – Asturcon’s This Time

Picked up two more guitars, both Asturcon’s – short run instruments that kick arse 😛 I’ll add pics of them as soon as I get a new camera seein as mine went tits up grrrrrrrrr and I hate using my stoopid fone.
The first is an Asturcon Carlos Garcia signature “Maestro de Metal” with Humbucker Single Humbucker pup setup, a single run of 150 in 2008, mine is number 19 – what an ear melter NYAH!! LOL the 2nd is an Asturcon “Grey Wolf” Single and Split pup bass, same vintage. The serial numbering is a tad confusing though – you have to add 50 to the last two digits and mine is 58 so that makes it a 2008 so if you had a number like 050958 (just made that number up) the actual serial number is 0509 with 58 being the 2008 year, 05 is the model so that leaves 09 which is the manufacture month so that’s September.
05 – Maestro de Metal
09 – September
58 – 2008
19 – run number (sig’s only)

Confusing bastards 🙂 but the give-aways for genuines are the numbers are on the back of the headstock next to the Carlos Garcia signature and stamped in to the neck stock on a cock-eyed angle – sig versions like mine also have in the neck stock a CG after the serial number indicating a sig series. I’m having less luck finding info the Grey Wolf but I’ll keep searching.