Moog Little Phatty Editor/Librarian Phht

This was posted on the Moog Music page but for some bizarre reason has disappeared, corporate power?? so I’ll re-write here!!/moogmusicinc

After spending months deciding on which synth I should buy, going from the Little Phatty S2 through numerous other brands, I always seemed to end up back staring at the LPS2 so I bought one – got a great deal from Turramurra Music here in Sydney and couldn’t be happier. Well I could IF YOU MADE THE EDITOR/LIBRARIAN FREE!!! It’s like selling a car then telling the buyer that they need the software installed in it to make the electric windows, stereo, air conditioner work and that’s gunna cost ya.
My $1,300 may be a drop in a bucket to a lotta people but seeing as I bought a BRAND NEW ONE how about cutting people a break and giving the software away for free to NEW LPS2 owners.

Moog Little Phatty Stage II - Where's The Librarian Moog??